CRM Integration

Staff use a range of applications on a day to day basis to conduct business, often repeating tasks without any integration between applications. Dimensions offers a range of integrations, designed to speed up staff/customer interactions and to simplify data access. In addition to our off-the-shelf implementations, Dimensions provides APIs and professional services to help businesses get the most out of their communications platform.

Screen Popping

Screen popping helps users handle customer inquiries quickly, by automatically finding and displaying a customer’s CRM record as soon as a call starts ringing their phone. By using the customer’s phone number or account reference number, CRM records can be located quickly and easily. Saving users time and even giving them the ability to prepare to speak to the customer by reviewing their details before answering a call.

Call History / Recording Playback

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to view a client’s record within a CRM package and see when someone last spoke to them? Even better, what if you could then play the call-back without having to search for it in a separate system? Well, now you can! On supported CRMs, our integration creates event histories every time someone speaks to a client, providing details of call duration and the user that spoke to them. If the call was recorded, a playback URL can be provided so that the call can be replayed* without having to spend any time searching in a different application.

* recording playback requires the user to have been assigned permission and is fully audited.

Status Sync

Being able to control availability is great, but many users forget to change status when in a rush to get to a meeting. Status sync provides users with a simple way to keep their status up to date, by checking their calendar and automatically setting their status based on their appointments.


Providing a one-click way of initiating telephone calls from within a CRM package saves users time and eliminates misdials. It can also provide access to other features such as making calls with an account code for tracking or dynamically providing the calling party number to ensure a local branch office number is presented.

Depending on the CRM we offer different methods of dialing, including; TAPI, tel:// & call to:// URIs as well as via our own APIs.

Custom Integrations

Many of our customers have their own internal systems and requirements for integration with their telephone system. Our software has a range of APIs available to allow many of the UC features to be accessed directly from an existing system. This provides users with a single interface and allows common tasks to be automated.

MiVoice Office 250

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Cloud Communications

Dimensions Voice is a comprehensive cloud communication solution, that enables your business to work flexibly no matter the application, size or location

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Call Recording

Call recording is a must-have application for any organization. It enables quick and confident dispute resolution, as well as the option to review calls for training and monitoring purposes.

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Increase productivity and simplify communications with our range of unified communication solutions.

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