Call Analytics

Live & Historic Call Analytics

Every business communicates with customers differently, but one thing we can all agree on is wanting our customers to have the best experience.

Dimensions’ Call Analytics software provides the tools to analyze your customers experience, but why not go one step further? Dimensions’ Call Analytics allows you to view interactions in real-time, allowing decisions to be made right when your customers need you.

Insights That Matter

With Dimensions’ reporting package, you gain valuable insights into how and when your customers are communicating, giving you the ability to make evidence-based decisions.

Using a combination of both real-time and historical data your business can always be one step ahead. Predicting high traffic times to ensure staff are available, reduces the number of lost and unreturned lost calls to your business.

Data always wins when it comes to making important business decisions, our call reporting provides your business with access to analyze all call traffic, breaking it down into multiple report templates, including Caller ID, Extension, Hunt group, and much more.

Dimensions Call Reporting On-Prem

Be In Control

Empower your management team with Dimensions’ Supervisor Dashboard, taking contact center management to a new level with real-time and operational data.

Supervisors can manage their resources and control their teams more effectively by visualizing data.

Our configurable alarms allow supervisors to monitor agent performance and queue status, moving calls to agents where needed.


Real-Time Wallboard

Clearly display performance data for all users to see. Live wallboards are completely customizable with system, group, or user statistics – each individually filterable to show exactly the data required. Show progress against targets to drive performance or use alarms to help identify potential service-affecting situations.

Dimensions Call Analytics On-Prem

Products & Solutions

We enable people and businesses to work where they want, when they want and how they want.

Cloud Communications

Dimensions Voice is a comprehensive cloud communication solution, that enables your business to work flexibly no matter the application, size or location

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Call Recording

Call recording is a must-have application for any organization. It enables quick and confident dispute resolution, as well as the option to review calls for training and monitoring purposes.

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Unified Communications

Increase productivity and simplify communications with our range of unified communication solutions.

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