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How can you automate repetitive telephony tasks?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions offer a sophisticated self-service environment, automating activities to improves your customer experience. By handling common requests automatically, the capacity to handle customers is increased, reducing wait times and freeing up employee’s time to handle more complex issues.

Historically, IVR deployments were the reserve of large complex contact centers and enterprise environments – Dimensions Technologies brings this functionality to the SMB, in a package that is both flexible and cost-effective.

IVR solutions can be implemented in one of two ways; using one of our off-the-shelf applications or with a fully customized solution, tailored exactly to your requirements. IVR solutions can be virtualized and scaled to meet any requirements.


We would all love to answer every customer call immediately, however, that’s not always the reality for many businesses.

With a Q-Minder IVR you can keep your customers happy even during your busiest periods, never lose a customer to long wait times again.

Give the option to be called back rather than hold Reduce lost calls to your business Manage spikes in call traffic Easy to install and manage

Post Call Survey

Improve your customer service with direct feedback from your customers

Once a call is concluded, transfer the customer through to the Post Call Survey with a single click. Customers are then asked a series of customizable questions asking to rate each question on a number scale e.g.1-5. The customer then hangs up feeling satisfied that they had an opportunity to feedback on their experience.

The results can be viewed/downloaded from the IVR Dashboard, or be configured to be emailed out to a specified email address.

Announcement IVR

The Announcement IVR enables the agent to transfer the caller to listen to the relevant message - freeing up the agent to take the next call.

Automate the reading of scripts/ terms and conditions Automatically conference the caller into the announcement Free up the agent while the script is being listened to Reconnect the agent after the script has finished playing

Bespoke IVR

From initial design to implementation and then deployment, a Dimensions Technologies specialist will help manage your bespoke IVR to make sure it meets your exact requirements. Once deployed our support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

  • Example Applications:
  • Account Balance enquiries
  • Delivery Tracking enquiries
  • Automated Payment System
  • Student Absence registration

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