Dimensions Voice

Powering Tomorrows Conversations

Dimensions Voice is a comprehensive cloud communication solution, bringing together a wide range of advanced features and technologies that enables your business to work flexibly no matter the application, size or location.

Whether deploying just a handful of users, or a large multi-site enterprise, this innovative solution delivers a broad and complete set of fully customisable communication tools, providing the feature rich, highly flexible, and resilient cloud communication platform that today’s business demands.

If It’s Not Broken…

The move to cloud communications does not mean conventional working practices need to be retired or changed.

Dimensions Voice, unlike some cloud products, still has fantastic traditional telephony features such as ring groups, conferencing, customisable office hours and contact centre features whilst adding the enhancements of a modern resilient cloud product, meaning your clients are not forced to change the way they work to embrace the benefits that cloud communications offer.

Scalable & Flexible

Simple licensing in Dimensions Voice makes it easy to provide any number of users with the device that works for them regardless of the size of implementation. Utilising a user-based licensing model rather than traditional per device licencing provides the flexibility to allow users the choice of how they connect and on which device without incurring unnecessary cost.

Whether using a Desktop Handset, Connect Softphone Client, MS Teams or your device of choice, Dimensions Voice provides a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Simple Communications, Anywhere, Anytime

In today’s world, your staff need the flexibility to be able to work from any location and having seamless access to communicate with colleagues and customers is at the heart of flexible working.

Dimensions Voice makes it easy for users to communicate no matter where they are working. Users are contactable on any of their devices, whether they are working in the office, at home or are on the move, with all devices being associated to a single extension number. By making use of standard features like Hot Desking, Presence Profiles, Voicemail and Fax to Email, your users can keep up to date with their team and never miss a customer request.

Improve Productivity & Take Control

As our working environment continues to embrace flexible working and the physical location of the workforce becomes increasingly interchangeable, it is vital that businesses can access accurate data to keep track of business communications with their customers.

Monitoring staff performance regardless of their location, be that in the office, at home or mobile will allow businesses to ensure the level of customer experience expected is maintained.

Customer Experience Tracking

Included with every Dimensions Voice user is the ability to react to performance data to make a difference to your business. Using a combination of both real-time and historical data your business can always be one step ahead. Predicting high traffic times to ensure staff are available, reduces the number of lost and unreturned lost calls to your business.

Data always wins when it comes to making important business decisions, Dimensions Voice reporting provides businesses with access to analyse all call traffic, breaking it down into multiple report templates, including Caller ID, Extension, Hunt Group, and much more.

Bring Your Own Carrier

With Dimensions Voice we understand that business relationships take time to establish and grow. Our platform has been designed to enable those relationships to not only be retained but be built upon. Flexibility is at the heart of our carrier philosophy and therefore Dimensions Voice encourages you to integrate your own carriers into the platform and distribute those resources as you see fit.

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Dimensions Voice is a comprehensive cloud communication solution, that enables your business to work flexibly no matter the application, size or location

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