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PBX Connector - The true Pathway to the Cloud

When we consider a move to the cloud, we often don’t think about the technology we’re leaving behind.

Mitel’s MiVoice Office 250 platform has been at the heart of Dimensions Technologies for nearly two decades, during this time Dimensions Technologies have developed enhanced software applications to complement its already bursting feature set. As a traditional PBX it has been difficult to find something in the market which could compete with the flexibility and incredible range of built-in features which came as part of the core system.

The MiVO250 is a fantastic communications platform and it’s out of the box features shouldn’t be forgotten. Even when the migration to cloud becomes more popular than ever before, customers still expect the features they already have, but more!

But what should you choose when you want to move from the traditional legacy PBX to a cloud-based system?

MiVO250 to Dimensions Voice

Dimensions Voice, is a modern UCaaS platform, engineered towards providing resellers additional benefits in the crowded marketplace. Our extensive experience working with the MiVO250 has put us in an enviable position, allowing MiVO250 users to migrate painlessly and at a pace which suits them.

Dimensions Voice brings the benefits of a cloud solution, whilst crucially, giving customers the peace of mind that their core PBX features are not compromised, and the utilisation of the existing handset estate can be maintained.

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Flexible Handset Support

Handsets are one of the major costs when migrating to a cloud solution. To enable a lower cost of migration from the MiVoice Office 250, Dimensions

Voice has been engineered to support the use and centralised provisioning of the Mitel 5300, 6800 and 6900 series handsets*.

Working simultaneously with the 5300, 6800 and 6900 series, other manufacturers handsets can be added to specific users if they require the features of the newer generation of handsets such as internal video calling or browser-based displays

Migration at your pace

Jumping to a new communications platform in a single hop might be unmanageable and you might want to stagger the migration project. Migrating from a MiVO250 to Dimensions Voice does not have to happen all at once. The Dimensions Voice PBX Connector provides the ability to connect any existing on-premise PBX to Dimensions Voice, allowing a staged migration for complex deployments.

A single or multiple MiVO250(s) can be inter-connected to Dimensions Voice. This, whilst still enabling internal and external call traffic between users on both systems, allows users to be migrated at your pace with a phased approach should you need to.

Dimensions Voice Brochure

*Whilst we aim to provide support for every model in each series, please check with your provider that the models you wish to migrate have been tested and are supported.

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